A cocktail is only as good as its components, a fact the tastemakers at Fever-Tree took into account when creating their extensive line of artisan mixers. Founded in 2000 by Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, the company has a sophisticated yet simple mission that belies its relative youth: to create tonics, sodas and other delicious elixirs that enhance the innate flavors of premium liquors instead of masking them. While other companies may rely on artificial additives or preservatives, Fever-Tree has searched the far corners of the globe to find natural ways to pack mixers with clean and memorable flavors. Pair your favorite whiskey with Fever-Tree ginger ale and experience the sweet spiciness of ginger from Cohin, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. If you like to relax under the late-summer sun with an icy cold G&T, pair your favorite gin with Fever-Tree premium Indian tonic water and discover how special tonic infused with marigold extracts and Tanzanian bitter orange can taste. Give your liquor cabinet the high-quality company it deserves with Fever-Tree mixers and impress your guests one delicious drink at a time. Brand Features:
  • Made with no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives to mask the flavor of your favorite liquors
  • Natural flavorings such as exotic botanicals, pure spring water, cane sugar and fruit juices take your cocktails to another level
  • Carbonated using small champagne-style bubbles for a smoother taste and velvety mouthfeel

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