FIESTA is an icon of American table settings. Introduced in 1936, the brightly colored, quality china quickly became popular in households throughout the country. Originally available in five bold colors, FIESTA dishes made it through several fashion changes over the years. From 1936 through 1972, the dishes went through phases of bright tones, pastel hues and earthy shades before reaching retirement. Though the dinnerware was no longer in production, many hostesses and hosts sought old FIESTA dishes for their tables, and FIESTA became a collector's item. Today's diners and decorators are in luck, because in the mid-1980s fashion-forward Bloomingdale's officials approached the original makers of FIESTA about reinstating the line for modern shoppers. A new line of FIESTA was born. The new dishes kept the durable design and high-quality China of the original line, but delivered modern safety and efficiency features such as lead-free glaze and the ability to put dishes in the microwave or dishwasher. Today, the FIESTA line includes over a dozen colors and features items such as mugs, serving bowls, dinner plates, dessert plates, soup bowls and specialty serving platters.

Popular Styles:

FIESTA dinner dishes make any table setting beautiful. The plates, mugs and bowls are an iconic addition to your dining room, and you can mix and match items to get the look you want. Consider an eclectic collection so that every place setting is a bright cacophony of design, or go with a single color for a streamlined, modern style.

Brand Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Lead-free ceramic glaze
  • Trendsetting colors
  • New color introduced annually

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