Fontana sauces and syrups take ordinary after-dinner drinks and desserts and turn them into extraordinary experiences. Add the sauces to coffee or ice cream to create tasty treats your guests will rave about, or cook up a fabulous creme brulee for a celebratory piece de resistance at your dinner party. Pop the sauces into ice cube trays and freeze them for fun, quick-melting additions to your morning wake-up brew or drizzle them over whipped cream for a fabulous finishing touch. Feel free to experiment because the syrups are available in generous 63-ounce containers, while sauces arrive in 1-liter bottles. Fully stock your home kitchen or coffee shop by purchasing all of the flavors in the collections. Add a dash of Fontana's white chocolate or caramel syrup to your favorite breakfast blend or treat guests to a one-of-a-kind sundae bar that puts them in control of their dessert creation. Mochas are made better when crafted with Fontana's bittersweet chocolate sauce, and vanilla syrup provides soda-fountain memories when added to a tall glass of cola. Mix sauces together for exciting new flavor adventures. Brand Features:
  • Made in the USA
  • Include easy-to-use pumps for swift, clean operation
  • Shelf life of six weeks

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