Kitchen furnishings can transform the space where you keep and prepare food from a functional workroom into an enjoyable area that becomes a favorite place for friends and family to gather. A shelf, island or work block placed in the right location reduces your need to walk to and from essential areas of the kitchen, making meal prep more convenient. We know that you value form as well as function, so we've made it a point to include furnishings in a variety of styles and colors. Select light, natural wood tones to bring brightness to your space, or get contemporary with steel or iron.

Choose an island that features storage options like shelving, drawers or under-table hanging for pots to optimize your space. Many of our islands are constructed with chopping-block tabletops, so you can dice and slice, and then wipe the surface free to make room for rolling flour or mixing ingredients in a bowl. If floor space is at a premium in your kitchen, or you want to make room in your cabinets, consider a hanging pot rack. Select from options that hang from the ceiling, mount on the wall or include additional shelving for small items. Choose a small rack to hang your most-used cookware in a convenient location, or select a large rectangular rack and move the entire contents of your pot cabinet to an easy-to-reach space. Maximize the use of a pot rack by purchasing additional metal hooks or extenders, a variety of which are available in our catalogue.
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