If there's ever any doubt about Gaggia's prominence in the world of expertly brewed coffee, consider this: Without founder Achille Gaggia's creation of the steam-free espresso machine, which he patented in 1938, your daily dose of caffeine might look (and taste) very different. As the honorary father of the modern espresso machine, Gaggia blended his home country's tradition of rich, flavorful espresso with modern technology to offer consumers a way to recreate cafe-quality brews in their own homes. Today Gaggia's namesake company continues to offer a wide range of products suitable for both home and commercial use. Opt for a simple dual-cup machine to make espresso for two, or invest in a heavy-duty unit designed to stand up to high-volume use in a coffee shop, office or restaurant. For cappuccino and latte lovers, Gaggia offers machines outfitted with steam wands. Simply hook a handy clip-on thermometer on one of the company's stainless steel frothing pitchers and steam your milk to foamy perfection. Even the basics are available through Gaggia. Shop for bags of whole beans or opt for convenient single-use pods—both are filled with 100 percent Arabica coffee from Middle and South America in a variety of intensities. Brew and prepare your beans to experience what true craftsmanship can do for a humble cup of coffee.
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