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George Foreman grills revolutionized the way the world grills meats, vegetables and other foods with the introduction of countertop grills that allow you to cook food in a healthier way. Backed by legendary athlete George Foreman, the grills that bear his name were developed to allow home cooks to prepare foods that taste great and are better for you than pan-fried alternatives. Select small grills by George Foreman to cook for yourself or just the two of you, or opt for a larger grill to make burgers, chicken and fish for the whole family. The grills are coated with a powerful nonstick material for easy cleanup, and specially shaped grill sponges designed to clean any grill in the George Foreman line are also available. Popular Styles: Our customers love George Foreman's Champ grills and Next Grilleration grills for making healthy cooking a reality. Choose indoor grills that give you the flavors of grilled food even when outdoor grilling season is over, or bring the innovation of George Foreman grilling to the outdoors for healthier get-togethers all summer long. Brand Features:
  • Patented sloped design allows grease and fats to drip away from the food you grill
  • Healthy cooking made easy with innovative grills, griddles, skillets and other units
  • Great-tasting food with fewer calories and less fat with George Foreman grills
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