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We know that your desire to give your well-deserving friends and family the perfect cooking-related gift sometimes comes with a budget, and that's why we've assembled this list of incredible Gifts Under $100. Whether you're looking to give the newlyweds stainless steel cookware that will last them generations or if you're in need of that perfect gift for the foodie who seems to have everything, this page is filled with unique and attention-getting items that won't break the bank.

Being on a budget doesn't mean settling for bargain basement cookware. We love our reasonably priced selection of top-of-the-line nonstick pans and pots designed by the big name brands you love. Add to a friend's collection of stainless steel cookware with a pasta pot or colander that will fit in seamlessly with the items they already enjoy, or thrill them with an entire collection of bakeware that will set them up for bake-sale success in seconds.

Adventurous cooks will be pleasantly surprised to find a number of technologically advanced gadgets available at pocketbook-friendly pricing. Mix, blend or grind your way to perfectly prepped food with a number of remarkably efficient small appliances, or skip the gizmos and give your host the elegant tableware and accessories she needs to set the perfect table for every get-together.
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