If it's true that a chef is only as good as his knives, then chefs who carry Global cutlery must be very good indeed. In 1985, Komin Yamada set out to combine the tradition of samurai sword making with modern design and cutting-edge materials to create a line of knives that would revolutionize even the most mundane kitchen tasks. Unlike many knives that are made by fusing together a blade and a handle, Global knives are comprised of one solid piece. This sleek, seamless design is aesthetically impressive and also makes for a more hygienic tool that's easier to clean and sanitize between uses. Each knife is forged in Japan using chromium-infused CROMOVA 18 stainless steel to create a thin edge that will retain its sharpness and precision for years to come. Expertly balanced and featuring a handle covered in clever little divots, Global knives have been designed to offer cooks a slip-free grip and superior dexterity to cut down on prep time and increase safety. Popular Styles: Global is known for its impressive line of knives, but it also offers plenty of other cooking tools to complement your collection of high-end cutlery. Flip steaks with minimal sticking using the Global slotted turner, and debone fish with a pair of tweezers ideally suited to the task. Brand Features:
  • CROMOVA 18 stainless steel construction for long-lasting durability
  • Rust- and stain-resistant tools offer years of reliable use
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
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