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Gloria Jean's is the largest mall-based specialty coffee retailer on the continent, and now you can bring the brand's popular aromas and flavors into your kitchen. Gloria Jean's set a goal of becoming the most loved coffee in the world, and we have to admit, the company's doing a good job of making that happen. With premium blends that range from light to dark roasts and plenty of specialty flavors to choose from, there's a Gloria Jean's product for every palate. Bring the tang of fruit to your cup with apricot, blackberry or blueberry infused blends, or forgo heavy desserts in favor of a mug brimming with hints of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon or caramel. Get a little nutty with blends inspired by pistachios, hazelnuts or almonds, or spice up the season with coffees designed to complement holidays or cool fall weather. Popular Styles: Gloria Jean's offers bagged coffee and bulk packs, but with the rush of modern life, it's no surprise that K-cups and single-serve options are among the most popular items. Sippers with a sweet tooth are fans of hazelnut and butter toffee flavors. Brand Features:
  • Select grind type for preferred brewing methods, including espresso, French press, whole bean and auto-drip
  • Coffees and mixes contain no sugar or gluten for diet-sensitive choices
  • Stored airtight, coffees stay fresh up to a year from packaging

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