For more than five generations, Gobel has been helping home cooks and professional chefs create pastries that look every bit as delicious as they taste. In 1887, Frenchman Etienne Gobel decided to capitalize on his country's reputation for elaborate pastries by opening a factory in Paris to create a line of copper and tin molds. As the demand for desserts increased, so did Gobel's production until the company was manufacturing more than 2,000 different products. Today, Gobel offers both highly stylized molds and simpler models to satisfy the needs of each and every baker. Madeleines are the epitome of delicate, sophisticated desserts, and with Gobel's time-tasted Madeleine pan, you can create five-star renditions of the classic cookie in the comfort of your own kitchen. Take advantage of freshly picked farmer's market fruit and use the Gobel tart pan to bake up a dessert that truly celebrates the season. Add a selection of Gobel pastry cutters to your collection of kitchen accessories, and you can shape cookie dough, mold mousse and cut biscuits in uniform shapes that are primed for even baking and creative decorating. From tart pans to cookie cutters and all kinds of piping tips and baking sheets in between, the experts at Gobel have everything you need to delight your family or customers with the delicious pastries of your dreams.
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