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Granite Ware has been making top-notch cookware out of porcelain and steel for over 125 years. The company's commitment to quality has carried it through the decades, and its signature granite-like appearance is now found on a variety of products ranging far beyond the roasters and pots that contributed to its early success. Granite Ware cookware commonly features porcelain-on-steel construction, making it exceptionally durable and allowing it to easily withstand both high temperatures and long cook times. This makes Granite Ware a great choice for roasting and baking as well as simmering and canning. Granite Ware produces a large selection of canning kits that contain everything you need to get started preserving your own seasonal fruits and vegetables for future use. The company's line of bakeware gives you the tools you need to produce cakes and pastries with soft, moist interiors and crispy, crunchy edges. Granite Ware seafood steamers lock in flavor and add time-honored cooking methods to your kitchen lineup. The company also makes products dedicated to helping you create authentic dishes with real Latin flavor. Popular Styles: Popular styles from Granite Ware include their cooking tools and cookware lines. These durable pots and precise implements allow you to prepare delicious roasts and create large family dinners quickly and easily. Tongs, strainers and other cooking tools make it easy to tackle even more complicated dishes.

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