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One kitchen tool that many cooks find indispensable is the grater, and you'll find that there are several different grater options on today's market that can help you power through food prep more quickly. Graters are designed with tiny sharpened slots that allow you to grate everything from cheese for topping your homemade pizza to orange zest for garnishing those gourmet cupcakes. Graters can also be used for grating vegetables, like potatoes used for hash browns, or to grate fresh coconut for tossing in a healthy salad. Graters are also a vital tool for grating cabbage to make homemade coleslaw or sauerkraut. There are graters that are designed to be held and used much like a knife to tackle small jobs, and graters that are rectangular-shaped with a handle on the top for larger tasks. There are also rotary-style graters that operate with a hand crank for grating a large amount of food at once.

Popular Brands:

Having a grater can really cut down on the work you have to do in the kitchen when preparing your family's favorite dinners, and the right grater is a tool that you'll turn to again and again. We love graters by some of the best brands in the business, including OXO and Calphalon. OXO's large box graters are made from premium materials with long-wearing graters feature functionally sharp cutting surfaces that get the job done fast, and some even have an attached storage container for storing cheese or other foods after grating. Calphalon's handheld graters are built to stand up to tough jobs and grate harder foods with ease, including hard cheeses, like parmesan.
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