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We know that coffee is a mainstay beverage for many people, but we also know that not every coffee drinker wants the same old light or dark roast each morning. It can be cumbersome and expensive to buy packages of coffee and brew multiple pots to satisfy the needs of every person in the house or office — or even meet the different coffee cravings you have throughout the day. That's why we offer a selection of the finest tastes from Green Mountain Coffee. Available in packs of K-Cups, Green Mountain Coffee flavors feature bold, sophisticated tastes that will awake your senses. The luxurious aromas will enhance your enjoyment of each cup, and single-serving brewing keeps things fresh and reduces overall waste. Try an energizing breakfast blend to get moving on a cold morning, or end the day with the dessert-like flavors of a rich hazelnut brew. Control your caffeine intake with decaf or half-calf selections, or present guests or employees with plenty of options when you stock Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups on a carousel next to the coffee machine.

Popular Styles:
One of the top-rated blends from Green Mountain Coffee is the Nantucket Blend. Full of sophisticated flavor, the blend produces strong aromas that will have everyone gathering in the kitchen or break room for a hot mug of brew. Combining the best of African, Indonesian, and French coffee flavors, the Nantucket blend is an adventurous experience in a single cup.

Brand Features:

  • Keurig-compatible brewing cups
  • Exotically sourced ingredients
  • Sustainable supply chain practices
  • A selection of sophisticated, rich flavors

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