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Griddles & Grills

Add a brand name griddle and grill to your kitchen toolset, and you'll be able to bang out breakfasts and grill burgers and steaks like a professional grillmaster all year long. When shopping for a griddle, look for one that has a nonstick surface and removable heating element so cooking and cleanup is as simple as possible.

If you cook large Sunday breakfasts for your family or entertain frequently, look for a griddle that has a large cooking surface so you can accommodate everyone. Indoor grills either look like smaller versions of traditional grills, or two-sided affairs that cook your food from the top and bottom at the same time. An easily removed drip cup and removable plates are two important features you should look for in your indoor grill to make cleaning and maintenance simple. A nonstick surface is a definite plus. For convenience and to keep necessary storage space to a minimum, look for a combination grill/griddle that either has reversible or changeable plates that can carry out the function of both units. Whatever you choose, make sure to buy brand names that you know and trust, and you're sure to have a new cooking appliance that will last you for years to come.

Popular Brands:

Some of the biggest names in small kitchen appliances make grills and griddles that you can rely on. Cuisinart, for example, makes a convenient unit that lets you grill or griddle on the reversible top plate while grilling hotdogs or kebabs in the lower portion of the unit. With so much functionality in one unit, you won't have to worry about storing several different pieces of equipment.
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