Grilling Cookware

Turn into an outdoor barbecue grill pro with the best grilling cookware. Your grill can do more than turn out juicy burgers and perfectly seared steaks when you have the right equipment. You'll find specialized racks to cook ribs, bacon and even beer can chicken.

A mesh saute pan or paella pan designed for the grill will let you flex your culinary muscles when entertaining friends and family. If you've ever tried to make homemade pizza on the grill, you'll appreciate the convenience and versatility of a grilling pizza set, especially if it comes with a convenient peel for easy transfer of your pies. There are cedar planks to give steaks, chops and seafood a richer flavor, salt plates that will cook foods to perfection, and barbecue plates that will make sure your smaller foods, like shrimp or cut vegetables, don't fall between the grates. Since charcoal grills don't have the handy side burner that gas grills have, invest in a Dutch oven made just for the grill so that you can enjoy homemade Boston baked beans or New England clam chowder like a true Yankee. No matter what type of foods you like to grill the most, you'll find the right grilling cookware to help you make your grilling forays a success.

Popular Brands:
Some of the biggest names in the barbecue business make cookware for your grill. You can find specialized grilling pans from Mr. Bar-B-Q and everything you need to make beer can chicken from Charcoal Companion. Look for other top brand names as well when shopping, including Jaccard, Picnic at Ascot, Steven Raichlen and Outset.
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