H.A. Mack

Founded in 1931, H. A. Mack has brought more than 1,300 kitchen products to market. In recent years, the company has concentrated on specific cooking tools, including bakeware, molds, decorative ceramics, marbleware and trivets. Some of H.A. Mack's most popular items include its line of woodenware. Crafted with excellence, each woodenware utensil is biodegradable and ensures minimal environmental impact. H. A. Mack makes a further commitment to the environment by choosing managed-forest lumber, so wood used in its products is replaced by new growth. Stir stews or serve up sides with spoons that look almost as good as what you're dishing up. H.A. Mack uses materials including cherry, beechwood, olivewood and hornbeam to create cooking utensils in a variety of hues. If you keep a container of utensils on your counter, H. A. Mack provides the spoons you need to turn a utensil caddy into a functional and lovely accent piece in your kitchen. Select from spoons designed for reaching the bottom of stockpots to stir your entire stew or soup, or opt for a slotted spoon that makes serving easier. A heavy-handled mixing spoon lets you power through batters, and pasta spoons offer elegant ways to serve spaghetti and other long noodles. Wooden utensils are long lasting and can be used with almost any pot or pan—even those with nonstick surfaces that may be damaged by metal instruments.
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