We know we're not alone in appreciating the skill and expertise that goes into making Japanese cuisine, but sometimes spending a night at the sushi bar just isn't feasible. That's why we're so thrilled that HAK has created a way for us to indulge our love of all things sushi without ever having to leave the comfort of our kitchen. Making sushi is no easy task. Many chefs dedicate decades of their lives to apprenticing under the masters to learn the best way to thinly slice fresh fish, season perfectly cooked rice with vinegar and assemble the ingredients with pickled vegetables and other components to make tiny works of mouthwatering art. HAK has created a way for home chefs to mimic these masterpieces using tools designed specifically for paddling rice, layering sashimi and arranging rolls and other delicacies. Make individually sized, single-filling rolls using a smaller mold, or dream up inventive combinations of ingredients and roll them all up using the generously sized larger mold. Impress your sweetheart with spicy tuna in the shape of a heart, then cut your creation into perfectly equal pieces using the handy slotted guides. Shop for you favorite fresh seafood, stock up on rice, vegetables and condiments such as wasabi and pickled ginger, then invite your friends over and have a sushi-making party. With the brilliantly engineered HAK products lending a hand, you'll soon discover that creating dinner is every bit as fun as eating it.
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