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Hand Mixers

Hand mixers make it possible to mix ingredients right in the serving bowl, making cleanup easy. They also mix ingredients thoroughly in less time than it would take to mix them with a manual hand tool. Whether you are a novice cook or an expert, the right hand mixer can make cooking and baking more fun.

Try a 5-speed hand mixer for tasks such as whipping cream, making cookie dough, or preparing mashed potatoes and soups. The powerful motor reduces prep time and ensures ingredients are mixed to your liking. Models with a one-touch slide control make it easy to change the speed of the mixer in seconds, making them ideal for making cake batter, pie crust and other baked goods. For heavy-duty mixing jobs, try a more powerful 9-speed mixer. More speed settings give you more control while blending, whipping, mixing, and creaming ingredients. Whether you choose a 5-speed model or something with more power, a hand mixer will save you space and reduce prep time. This type of mixer is ideal for travel because it takes up very little space and does not require a separate mixing bowl.

Popular Brands:
We understand why Cuisinart is such a trusted brand for small appliances. Hand mixers from the Cuisinart collection have powerful motors and come in several traditional and contemporary colors. KitchenAid is known for producing high-quality small appliances, and their hand mixers are no exception. The contoured design of a KitchenAid hand mixer makes it easier to grip and reduces muscle fatigue, making it a good choice if you plan to use your mixer regularly.
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