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Harold Import Company is a family-owned business that delivers high-quality kitchen goods for every member of your household, as it specializes in kitchen tools for all ages. Its line of products includes over 3,500 tools and accessories for your kitchen across a wide variety of family brands. This makes it easy to find just the right tool for your needs. Churn out delicious homemade pasta using pasta machines from Harold Import Company, or demonstrate your knowledge and experience with Asian flavors when you prepare meals using bamboo steamers and sushi makers from the popular brand. Even coffee and tea preparation becomes much simpler thanks to innovative tea infusers and coffee grinder accessories available from HIC. Wake up your family each morning with delicious smells and flavors from around the world. Popular Styles: Use Harold Import Company pie pans and other high-quality bakeware to produce delicious goods, including cakes, pies and even pasta dishes. Traditional skimmers, effective nutcrackers and sturdy ramekins also simplify meal preparation and presentation. Many young cooks enjoy discovering the secrets of the kitchen through Harold Import Company cookbook and tool sets designed for little hands. Combine these popular styles to bake up fresh food with a bit of help from your little loved ones. Brand Features:
  • Excellent selection of bakeware and baking tools
  • Cookbooks and tools for children
  • Large family of brands
  • Extensive charity involvement
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