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What are Rewards, and How Can I Get Them?

Wanna earn money while you spend it? You could get $10 worth of shopping dollars for every $200 you spend. Here’s how:

How do I GET rewards?

  • Step 1: Create a account.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve placed your first order, you’ll be auto-magically enrolled starting the following month. You will earn $10 for every $200 actually spent (price paid after any coupons, discounts or gift certificate redemptions).
  • Step 3: Applause!

How do I USE rewards?

  • Much like a gift certificate, you can redeem your Rewards shopping dollars towards any future purchases you make at You must have or establish a My Account online in order for purchases to qualify (including phone orders – simply provide the email address associated with your Account).


How do I track my rewards?

Easy! Just log into your account and click on the “ Rewards” link in the Account menu. Note that Shopping Dollars show up in your account about 2-3 weeks after your order has been shipped.

Are there restrictions on when and how I use my rewards dollars?

How is my spending level calculated?

I'm glad you asked. For the most part, you can use your rewards dollars on any purchase made through your account on our web site. However, rewards dollars are NOT redeemable for:

  • Cash
  • Gift certificate purchases
  • Past purchases
  • Other web sites where merchandise is sold ( like, ShopAmex,, etc.)
  • …and lastly, they cannot be combined with another account holder’s rewards dollars. Rewards are issued per single account only.

Do my rewards expire?

Yes. You have 1 year from the date of issue to spend those dollars. That shouldn’t be too hard to do, right?

What happens to rewards I earn on cancelled or returned orders?

Dollars credited back to you from a returned or cancelled order will get deducted from your Rewards qualifying totals. Come on, guys. You know that’s fair.

Anything else I should know about the program?

Not really – it’s pretty simple! Just remember that Rewards dollars are only only issued in $10 increments (for every $200 spent). Oh, and technically, can modify or end this program at any time without notice if we are given just cause to do so. However unlikely, we’re required to tell you that for legal reasons just in case.


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