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iGourmet Merchant Information

  1. Shipping Policies
  2. Sales Tax Information
  3. Returns & Exchanges
  4. About igourmet
  5. Privacy & Security

1. Shipping Policies

The majority of our orders are shipped via FedEx and UPS. In-stock items will arrive on your doorstep within 10 business days after receipt of your order. If you use the Expedited shipping option, your products will arrive on your doorstep within 5 business days after receipt of your order. In order to guarantee freshness, perishable orders are only shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Keep in mind that perishables ordered Wednesday after 5 AM cannot ship until the following Monday.

The Eternal Question seems to be: Is It Safe To Ship Food In The Mail In The Summertime? Our answer - a resounding YES thanks to FreshWave. igourmet spent two years researching and developing the FreshWave packaging system. During the summer months, we use an air tight, fully insulated, temperature retaining packaging system that keeps its contents cool for a full 48 hours in ambient temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Through the use of the FreshWave packaging system, can absolutely guarantee that, if temperatures stay under 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the food products you receive from us are in the same fresh condition as when they left our facility. The FreshWave system combines a reusable, seamless, molded polystyrene cooler chest with a non-toxic refrigerant gel pack. Your perishable foods are temperature controlled within the confines of the polystyrene, which itself is encased in an outer cardboard shipper. To further contain temperature escalation, we fill the voids inside the package with Styrofoam pellets to minimize the amount of air within the system. As an added bonus, you get to keep the cooler and the refrigerant gel pack to use for your next picnic or road trip. In the winter months, we utilize an outer cardboard shipper with a tight fitting polystyrene lining to retard freezing.

2. Sales Tax Information

We are required to charge sales tax on non-food items shipping to Pennsylvania addresses.

3. Returns & Exchanges

Assuming ambient temperatures of below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, we guarantee that any perishable product you receive from igourmet will be of high quality and in good physical condition. We make the same guarantee for non-perishables, without the temperature constraint. Any item(s) that you deem unsatisfactory will be replaced or refunded upon your request, as long as you let us know the details of the problem within 5 business days of having received your order. We will not make you return the goods to us to claim a refund or replacement. This is a very liberal return policy and we reserve the right to become more strict if people begin to take advantage of our trust.

4. About igourmet

Founded in 1997, is America's leading online gourmet food and gift retailer. Offering over 600 specialty cheeses, thousands of fine foods, and a complete line of exquisite gift baskets, each accompanied by detailed information and useful serving suggestions, is the preferred place to shop for connoisseurs across America. Founded and operated by industry veterans, is a trusted resource for hundreds of thousands of gourmet food shoppers.

Learn more about igourmet »

5. Privacy and Security

igourmet respects your privacy. We hope to earn your trust and confidence in us by making the following promises: No information that is gathered or tracked by igourmet will ever be sold, rented, leased, given or shared to third parties not working for igourmet. We will not use the information we gather from you in any unsavory manner. If you choose to provide us with your email address, by registering for our free newsletter or making a purchase from us, we will occasionally send you email with recommendations or notices of new products and prices. This email may include paid advertisements from third parties. To block future email of this type, simply send an email to instructing us to do so. During the igourmet Checkout process, we ask you to provide us with contact information, such as name, billing address, shipping address, email address, telephone number and a valid credit card number. We use this information to verify your account and to process your orders. When it comes to credit card processing, we take fraud very seriously. It is a violation of State and Federal law to place orders under a false name or with an invalid credit card number. Attempts at fraudulent ordering will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Both the FBI and the US Secret Service have advanced methods to identify the time, location and origination of Internet transactions, and have assumed responsibility for investigating Internet fraud cases. Your browser and igourmet's secure server work together to encrypt your credit card information during transmission, ensuring that transactions stay private and protected. Only the screen that collects your credit card number is secure, allowing the rest of the site to run at a faster speed. igourmet guarantees the safety of your credit card information in the following manner: if any unauthorized use of your credit card occurs as a result of your credit card purchase from igourmet, simply notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures. If, through no fault of your own, your credit card company finds credit card fraud but does not waive your entire liability for unauthorized charges, igourmet will reimburse you for the remaining liability, up to a maximum of $50.00.

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