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Herb & Spice Tools

It's essential to have the right tools for the job in the kitchen, and here are a large variety of herb and spice tools available to make spicing up meals easier. Whether you're harvesting your summer garden's bounty or purchase your herbs and spices at the grocery store or farmers' market, make sure you have the tools you need to deal with them properly when you get home. Start with the basics.

Equip your kitchen with a good salt and pepper grinder set. Salt and pepper are critical ingredients to almost every dish you cook, as these are designed to make the other flavors in a dish more vibrant and pronounced. If you use a lot of fresh herbs, invest in an herb chopper to make the job easier. A mortar and pestle will become your constant companion when you want to mash garlic or make a flavored butter, and a microplane is a must-have if you use fresh nutmeg. Familiarize yourself with the specialized herb and spice tools available, and you'll find that your work in the kitchen just got easier.

Popular Brands:
Fresh herbs and spices can be expensive, so you want to treat them with tender-loving care. Some of the biggest names in cooking tools make a wide variety of tools specifically designed so you can get the most out of your fresh herbs and spices. Choose a large herb chopper from OXO, herb snips from RSVP International or let everyone's kitchen sweetheart, Rachael Ray, outfit your kitchen with a contemporary salt and pepper grinder set.
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