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From trash cans to vacuums, linens to cleaning products, you may not have realized we've got house keeping tools sorted out for you too! In this department, find top rated products for all your squeaky clean needs.

To start with the basics, let's talk trash. Simplehuman makes some of our best selling garbage cans, and for good reason. Gone are the days of the hideous plastic bins with the flimsy tops. Simplehuman's sleek, stainless designs fit beautifully in a modern kitchen setting and, even better, form follows function in their design process. Their Lid shox® technology means air suspension shocks control the motion of the lid for an elegantly slow, quiet close every time. And their Bag tuck® design tucks away excess baggage for extra tidiness. They even have cans with eco-friendly charcoal filters to neutralize odors, and their internal hinges mean they stand straight up against the wall of your kitchen. Impressed? We are, too.

Another best selling item to check out are the floor mats and rugs by Sublime Imprint Comfort Mats. Have tired feet and achy legs from standing at the sink or stove too long? Do what the professionals do and get one of these cushy mats. Not only will they protect your floors from moisture or grease, these mats discretely serve as anti-fatigue aids through their proprietary multilayer cushioning system. Just keep clean with soap and water and enjoy the extra support.

But if what you really need is help in ironing out life's little wrinkles, check out the Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron and Steamer. Used in the upright position, this iron has a vertical steam option which will power out wrinkles from hanging garments, curtains or slipcovers. It comes with a 6 foot steam cord and a 12-foot electrical cord for ultimate versatility.
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