With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing extracting and juicing products, Hurom is an award-winning brand with juicing-related patents across the world. Innovative design allows Hurom juicers to consistently deliver delicious, nutrient-rich beverages to your glass. The brand is known for methods such as Low Speed Technology Systems, which ensures vibrant flavor without sacrificing vitamins or valuable enzymes. We know how hard it is to get a well-balanced meal during the busy pace of modern life, which is why we think you'll appreciate the convenience of Hurom juicers. Juice leafy greens, fruits, soybeans, wheatgrass and other foods for an on-the-go meal in a cup. Cleanup is easy with Hurom juicers. Rinse pitchers and juicing elements with water to remove acidic residue and pulp with every use. When you have time, take the juicer apart for a thorough cleaning to keep juicing practices safe and sanitary in your kitchen. Select from several Hurom juicers and optional accessories in designs that match your kitchen decor. When your juicer looks nice, you'll leave it on the counter and use it more often. Brand Features:
  • Quiet, powerful motors get the job done without waking the household if you juice in the morning
  • Plastics on many products are BPA free for safe food consumption and storage
  • A 10-year warranty guarantees motor functionality, and other parts are covered under a one-year warranty against defects

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