iDevices help ensure that your grill maintains just the right temperature for deep char lines and delicious flavor. The versatile electronic devices monitor important information and feed data directly to your Bluetooth-enabled systems from up to 150 feet away, allowing you to grab buns, slice vegetables or set up tables while your grill heats up for at-home barbecues or other family events. For an accurate reading of doneness, place the single probe of the iDevices thermometer into meats or vegetables on the grill. Each thermometer has an easy-to-read LED that brightens when people pass nearby. Graphing and exporting tools allow you to see exactly how well your grill heats and retains its temperature, and social integration lets you ring a virtual dinner bell for friends and family when the food is done.

Brand Features:

Advanced technology makes grilling easier
  • Exceptional range lets you accomplish more while cooking
  • Magnetic mounts on many products make setup easy
  • Proximity wake-up makes LED easy to read as you pass
  • Graphing and exporting lets you accurately track grill performance
  • Social sharing ensures friends and family know when the food is done

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