Innovative cooking is the strength of any kitchen, which is why we think you'll appreciate the tools and accessories offered by iSi. Since 1964, the brand's values of sustainable, independent and specialty cooking have informed designs for kitchen tools such as measuring cups, mixing bowls, pitchers and prep utensils. The brand's forward-thinking policies have incorporated cooking innovations throughout the ages, fusing ideas from French, Nordic and nouvelle cuisine. Most recently, iSi incorporated designs friendly to molecular cooking, which is characterized by strong presentation and experimental food preparation. The goal of iSi is to encourage professional and home chefs to create inspiring dishes, and we believe the bright hues and top quality of the iSi utensil line does just that. Silicone mixing bowls and measuring cups put control in the cook's hands, making it easier to prepare batters or solid food mixtures. Cup and spoon sets feature color coding, so you'll never measure wrong, and they stack firmly for ease of storage. Brand Features:
  • Cooking tools designed with sustainability in mind help you reduce the environmental footprint of your kitchen
  • Concentrating on a few cooking areas lets iSi excel at creating tools that are perfect for their jobs
  • Most iSi cooking utensils are dishwasher safe, reducing the time you spend on kitchen cleanup
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