Jessie Steele

Jessie Steele's line of kitchen textiles and aprons takes the cake when it comes to fashionable cooking, and these fabulous, colorful products now extend to other areas of your home. Jessie Steele began as a concept between a mother and daughter. Helena Steele collected vintage aprons from the 20th century, accruing a number of charming kitchen fashions from a time she thought the world forgot. As one century rolled into the next, Helena saw a revival of vintage fashions, tools and ideals. Believing the time was right for her favorite aprons to make a comeback, Helena launched Jessie Steele with her daughter Claire. Soon, the company was designing its own prints and expanding to include napkins, towels, bags, oven mitts and pajamas. Jessie Steele aprons feature flattering, heirloom designs so that you look great even while working over a hot stove. Oven mitts in complementary prints tie kitchen fashions together while providing full protection for your hands. Don't dress down for dinner, wear a Jessie Steele apron instead. With aprons this pretty, your significant other won't be able to resist kissing the cook. Popular Styles: Jessie Steele's housekeeping and cooking fashions are flirtatious and fun, but some of the most popular products are in the kids cooking category. Adorable aprons sized for little chefs feature bright prints. Encourage helpers in your kitchen with Jessie Steele children's aprons.
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