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For well over a century, Johnson Brothers has been crafting some of the world's most beautiful dinnerware. In 1883 in Staffordshire, England, brothers Frederick and Alfred Johnson followed in their potter grandfather's artisanal footsteps when they began producing a versatile line of high-quality tableware. From early on, the Johnson Brothers were known for their "semi-porcelain" wares, which had the delicacy of fine china but the strength and scratch resistance of much stronger materials; that same blend of durability and design continues to be the company's trademark to this day. Serve your Sunday roast on a colorful Johnson Brothers' platter and breathe new life into your classic white tablescape, or opt for one of the company's seasonal collections to get your guests in a festive mood before the appetizers even hit the table. Popular Styles: Celebrate tradition and serve brunch or afternoon tea on Johnson Brothers' Devon Cottage dinnerware that depicts scenes from the English countryside in a classic blue-and-white color scheme. Prep for the holidays by setting your table with plates from the Old Britain Christmas collection, or serve your Thanksgiving turkey on a fall-themed His Majesty platter that's so elegant you'll want to display it year round. For those who prefer a simpler style, Johnson Brothers' Ironside dinnerware features clean white lines that provide the perfect blank canvas for showcasing your culinary creations.
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