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Juicing makes it easy to get essential nutrients and try new fruits and vegetables. Whether you want to enjoy an occasional glass of juice or immerse yourself in the juicing lifestyle, the right juicer reduces the amount of time it takes to prepare a healthy refreshing drink. Make a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with a basic citrus juicer. You can also make your own lemon and lime juices for mixing cocktails.

Use the built-in strainer to control the amount of pulp in your juice, and keep seeds out of your drinks with the reverse cone. The easy-pour spout ensures all of the juice ends up in your glass and not on your counter. If you want to make thick vegetable juices or green smoothies, purchase a more powerful juicer. Several models use special extraction technology to ensure your juice has all the vitamins and minerals of your favorite fresh produce. An extra-large chute makes it possible to juice with pomegranates, avocados and other large fruits and vegetables so you can add variety to your diet. Reduce the amount of time it takes to make your favorite juice drinks by using a slow juicer. These juicers operate at lower speeds and use less energy than traditional juicers, but they actually prepare juice faster than many other models. Slow juicers are ideal for juicing as well as making marinades, nut milks, ice cream and homemade baby food.

Popular Brands:
A good juicer is a tool you will use time and time again. Cuisinart is known for producing high-quality products that make kitchen tasks easier. Although Vitamix does not manufacture a traditional juicer, the company's high-quality blenders handle many of the same tasks.
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