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Kitchen Supply Company has been providing modern kitchens with traditional and innovative baking and cooking tools since 1978. Well-known for pioneering a line of pizza stones, Kitchen Supply Company now offers thousands of products to help home chefs deliver perfectly cooked meals with ease. With an eye toward quality, the company delivers consistent, functional products that make cooking fun. Silicone products in vibrant colors, retro designs, and traditional baking molds characterize the line of Kitchen Supply Company products. We know that healthy home cooking can be a time consuming task, which is why we've selected some of the best Kitchen Supply Company baking products to make your meal prep job easier. Serve oven-fresh homemade pizzas with professional aplomb when you use quality pizza stones, or make cupcakes in Kitchen Supply Company's innovative paper bakeware. The bakeware makes it easy to carry your goods to a party or potluck, and the paper containers are designed to give away or leave behind. Select from tools to help you craft perfect artisan bread, including cheesecloth to cover dough as it rises and rolling pins for getting dough to the perfect thickness.

Popular Styles:

Kitchen Supply Company pioneered stone pizza tools for the home oven, and the products are still some of the best on the market. Use stones to bake and serve crisp pizzas following your favorite recipes. Add a baking peel to your kitchen accessories to remove hot pizza from the oven without mess or injury.

Brand Features:

  • Family owned and operated
  • Original baking stone products
  • Limited lifetime warranty on stone baking products
  • Some products made in the USA

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