The KitchenCalc line of calculators delivers easy-to-use math functions developed for use in your kitchen. Scale recipes perfectly every time when you use KitchenCalc to determine how much of each ingredient to use. Toss out the scratch pads and pencils—you no longer need back-of-the-napkin algebra to figure out how to make that dozen-cookie recipe into a batter big enough to supply a hundred cookies for the church potluck, school bake sale or office party. Convert weight, temperature and volume measurements, scale any recipe up or down and enhance your ability to estimate the cost of meals with KitchenCalc's functions. Use the calculator in your home or food service business to make ingredient and recipe management easier. The calculator even has a built-in timer for better schedule management in the kitchen. Select the standard KitchenCalc or opt for the Pro-Master Chef edition, which includes a second timer and features a larger display window and bigger keys for accurate, quick entry and easier reading. You can even download an app to take KitchenCalc functionality with you to the grocery store to accurately shop for recipe needs or convert the units on store products to match the units on your shopping list. The right ingredient amounts are essential in baking and cooking, and a single tablespoon can mean the difference between bread rising or falling or soups and other recipes tasting bland or savory. Use KitchenCalc to avoid ingredient failures and bring excellent results to the table every time.
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