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Chop, slice and dice like a pro with top-quality kitchen knives, cutlery and carving sets that enhance any cooking and dining experience.

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Whether you're searching for the ultimate kitchen knife set, specialty Japanese kitchen knives, Rachael Ray or Guy Fieri's latest knife, or the perfectly balanced chef's knife, our Knife Department has what you need.

For all you need to know on kitchen knives, be sure to visit our specialty Chef Knife Guru guide to help both new and experienced cooks select the best cutlery for your kitchen. When it comes to classic kitchen cutlery knife block sets, Wusthof or Henckels brands are the first stop for many professional chefs and aspiring home cooks. The German-made knives from these venerable companies are famous for having set the standard for Western style knives. The classic appeal lies in the riveted handles, hefty, high-carbon stainless steel blades and the original forged method found in their higher-end lines. These are knives that will last a lifetime when cared for properly, are easy to sharpen and are well worth the investment if cooking is your passion.

Another option is the Japanese-style knife, for which Shun sets one of the highest of standards. Also soaked in tradition, these knives are made using a very dense core with many layers of steel, a method originally perfected by samurai sword makers. As a result Shun blades are very strong, thin and more flexible. The difference between these and the German-made knives is apparent the minute you pick them up, as they weigh less as well. Shun knives are notable for being easy to maneuver for delicate tasks, not surprising given the beautiful art of sushi making in Japan. While the denser steel can be harder to sharpen than that found in Wusthof or Henckel blades, you can purchase specific knife sharpening tools that are up for the task. Just don't attempt to cut through bones with these refined blades as that's best left to the heftier knives.

For all you need to know on kitchen knives, be sure to visit our Chef Knife Guru buying and gift guide to help both new and experienced cooks select the best cutlery for your kitchen.

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