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Renowned for its high-quality, attractive products, Kuhn Rikon delivers cooking utensils and tools that make it easy for you to prepare healthy, delicious meals for friends and family. We know kitchen duty isn't the first choice for every person, but whether you're an enthusiastic chef or a reluctant cook, Kuhn Rikon products make food prep efficient and enjoyable. Backed by a company that understand Swiss precision and quality, Kuhn Rikon brings some of the most efficient peelers and knives to market. You'll love how carbon steel blades slice and dice veggies, and the well-balanced design of the utensils lets any cook create delicate slivers, wedges or julienne cuts. Kuhn Rikon doesn't limit its detail-oriented designs to small tools, though. You can also select from pressure cookers to prepare food in a fraction of the time required by traditional means as well as decorator tools that let you craft professional-looking cookies and cakes. You'll be the hit of your own dining table or the next pot lock when you serve up delicious, gorgeous foods that were easy to prepare with Kuhn Rikon tools.

Popular Styles:

In addition to its popular line of cutting and peeling utensils, Kuhn Rikon also delivers a number of items that enhance safety and efficiency in the kitchen. Tools that make it easy to grip and open jars, splatter guards that keep hot grease where it belongs and a flexible spatula perfect for all flipping, serving or straining are among the many items that make Kuhn Rikon a favorite among cooks throughout the world.

Brand Features:

  • Easy-to-use fun kitchen accessories
  • Swiss precision and quality
  • Colorful designs for the modern kitchen
  • Many items are dishwasher safe

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