Advanced ceramic blades from Kyocera hold edges 10 times longer than professional-grade knives designed with high-carbon steel blades. The ceramic construction makes Kyocera knives light to handle, and flawless balance on the blade and handle helps you cut and chop safely without falling prey to fatigue in your hands, fingers or wrist. Because the ceramic doesn't contain metal ions, the knives and peelers won't cause foods to brown unnaturally fast. Unlike metal, ceramic blades will never tarnish or rust, so your knives will always have that brand-new, clean look. The nonporous surface of a Kyocera ceramic knife won't absorb food particles or odors, making clean up as simple as a quick rinse and drying with a cloth. You'll want to use warm water and detergent after cutting meats or other foods where cross contamination is a worry. We know that your cooking needs are as individual as your favorite flavor of ice cream, which is why we offer a selection of Kyocera knives and tools. Choose from paring knives, Santoku knives or chef's knives. Buy a single blade or purchase an entire set with a storage block.

Popular Styles:

Kyocera's unique ceramic blades aren't just available in the form of knives. Some of the most popular Kyocera items are double-edged slicers used to create even vegetable and fruit slices. When you wield this tool, you'll create perfect vegetable platters that wow guests at a fraction of store-bought platter costs.

Brand Features:

  • Nonporous, sanitary surfaces
  • Sharper-than-steel ceramic construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Complimentary lifetime shipping

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