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The glass-making tradition of La Rochere dates back to 1475, when a gentleman at "Les Rochiers" was given the rights to start a glassworks. Over several hundred years, the foundry survived fire and war. Since 1666, the furnaces at the glassworks have not stopped burning, which has allowed La Rochere to create timeless collections of glassware steeped in the traditions of centuries. During the latter part of the 19th century, the company adopted mechanized production methods to produce enough product for global distribution, but it did not completey give up the mouth-blown, handmade processes that make it unique. Modern customers can accommodate a range of style and budget preferences by selecting between the handmade and machine-made product lines. Over the years, La Rochere has committed to environmental processes, reducing its factory's consumption of water and energy while managing CO2 emissions responsibly, which makes the glassware a good choice for those who like to purchase ecofriendly products. La Rochere glass products include mugs, wine glasses, tumblers, carafes, dishes and bowls.

Popular Styles:

Some of La Rochere's most popular items are the simple tumblers that feature understated decorative accents in the glass. Purchase tumblers that feature dragonflies or juice glasses decorated with bees or flowers. We know that it's important for glassware to be family-friendly, which is why we think you'll appreciate La Rochere's juice glasses. Heavy bottoms keep the glass stable, and slim designs make it easy for little hands to grasp the beverage.

Brand Features:

  • Most items are dishwasher safe
  • Handmade or machine-made products
  • Steeped in centuries of experience and tradition
  • Elegant designs for all decors
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