With more than a century of experience in the beverage industry, Lavazza combines Italian coffee inspirations with a knowledge of modern home brewing trends to provide high-quality and conveniently brewed coffees. Traditionalists will enjoy the bold flavors of Lavazza's dark and medium roasts, and you can opt for whole beans or ground. Start your morning with a boost of energy and opt for an espresso blend, or delight in coffee formulated to be extra smooth and creamy to complement your favorite desserts. Treat your taste buds to a caffeine-free brew for a little late-night comfort that won't keep you awake, or choose blends labeled as sustainable to decrease your environmental impact. Try Lavazza's specialty drip line or purchase single-use pods for a perfect cuppa every time. A cup of fine coffee from Lavazza brings the experience of an Italian cafe to your patio or dining room, and can help you relax during a busy workday. When shopping for the office break room, consider Lavazza's top-of-the line espresso brewing and dispensing solutions that will impress coworkers and clients alike. Popular Styles: Lavazza excels at creating specialty flavors that customers crave, but few things are more delicious than its rich and satisfying traditional blends that come in both whole bean and preground versions. Brand Features:
  • Full-bodied Arabica beans are combined with a range of global spices for coffee flavors that satisfy discerning drinkers
  • Sustainable coffee practices protect resources and workers, so you can feel good about your coffee brand of choice
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