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Having properly fitting lids for your cookware is important when you want to reduce liquids from your recipes or simply simmer your supper as you wait for family to arrive. Clear glass lids allow you to see what's going on and adjust your cooking temperature or add more liquid and ingredients as the need arises. We offer a variety of styles made of tempered glass with sturdy handles Add a cast iron lid to your time-treasured set of pans to increase the moistness of your recipes by allowing steam to be retained. Pick up a universal fry pan lid that's a great idea for Sunday morning breakfast — the ingenuous vented design allows heat from frying bacon to escape while keep your counters and stovetop free from spattered grease. If you've lost a knob or handle, search our wide selection of replacement knobs to return your lids to like-new condition.

Popular Brands:

Leading cookware brand Calphalon offers lids for many of the company's top cookware lines, including lids for Unison and Contemporary pans. These clear lids will fit snugly on your pots and pans and deliver the high-quality construction we've come to know as a Calphalon hallmark — including banded edges and heavy-duty handles. Shop the brand's tri-ply stainless steel line for lids to fit your Calphalon stock pots and stir-fry pans. Iconic brand Le Creuset is known for the quality construction and lasting durability of its classic French ovens. We stock replacement knobs in both stainless steel, which are safe for use at any oven temperature, and cast iron, which can be used in ovens up to 480 degrees F.
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