Man Law BBQ

Specially designed for use over hot grills, Man Law BBQ’s innovative tools and utensils help you get the most out of grilling outdoors. Salt and pepper shakers with exceptionally long handles let you evenly season meats or vegetable kebabs from the front to the back of your grilling surface. High-quality tongs make it easy to handle food on the grill, while leather gloves protect your hands from heat. And after the sun sets, freestanding grill lights will illuminate cooking areas. Man Law BBQ also produces a wide selection of additional grilling surfaces. Smoker boxes fit neatly over your grill or an open flame to allow you to smoke sausages and meats like ham quickly and effectively, while skillet baskets make it easy to toss and flip foods without placing your hands over the flame. Specialized one-fish and triple-fish baskets allow you to grill up to three whole salmon or trout. Plus, Man Law BBQ's easy-to-read dials and gauges help ensure you get consistent results from your grilling equipment.

Brand Features:

High-end products intended to make everyone a grill master
  • Innovative designs make grilling easier
  • Designed for men by men
  • Highly functional product line perfect for gift-giving

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