Mario Batali

Serve Mario Batali sauces, pastas and gelatos to add a gourmet touch to everyday dinners or impress guests at your next get-together with a dish that brings to mind Tuscan farmhouse cooking and gourmet Roman restaurant meals. Imported San Marzano Italian plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes harvested in Sarnese-Nocerino, Italy form the base of each sauce, giving you an authentic flavor that everyone can appreciate. Mario Batali adds fresh onions, garlic, herbs and spices to deepen the flavor, so you can rest assured that no purees, pastes, preservatives or added sugars will enter your meal. Every sauce by Mario Batali is produced in small batches at Summer Garden Foods' green facility, which is certified organic and environmentally friendly, ensuring that the meals you eat live up to the standards you've embraced. From a classic marinara sauce that enhances a traditional spaghetti dish to a tangy arrabiata that brightens up your penne pasta, there is a Mario Batali sauce to suit every taste. We also love using these sauces as dips for fried eggplant sticks or atop any one of the Mario Batali pastas. For an after-dinner treat, try a Mario Batali gelato, which puts a new spin on a classic Italian treat. Despite the decadent and smooth taste, the gelatos are lower in fat that most traditional ice creams. Try any of Mario Batali's food products, and you can serve authentic Italian flavors to your family and friends without any of the hassle.
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