Marquis from Waterford

Crystal glasses in the Marquis by Waterford collection are some of the most stunning produced by the company. Waterford has been making quality glassware for over 60 years, and its history hearkens back far beyond that. The attention to detail shows in the Marquis by Waterford collection, with crystal glasses perfect for both family use and special events. Champagne flutes are marked with an elegant design and sturdy stem that keeps your hand from warming the drink. This results in light and bubbly champagne that keeps its temperature as you mingle with guests or enjoy an aperitif with family after a long day. Martini and wineglasses in the collection come in both stemmed and stem-free designs, letting you pick the best choice for your bar and guests. A martini at the end of each day can help take the edge off work stress and allow you to make the transition from work mode to entertaining family and friends. A glass of wine before bed, served in a vibrant glass from the Marquis collection, can help you rest easily and feel refreshed the next morning. Other offerings from Marquis by Waterford include goblets for beers and liquor flasks. Combined with stainless steel trays that highlight the look of the collection, Marquis by Waterford glassware helps elevate almost any social gathering to a first-class engagement.
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