Mastrad has combined style, functionality and ergonomics since 1994 to bring home chefs a variety of innovative products that make food prep fun and easy. Creative design and an eye toward practical application make the Mastrad line of products especially useful in any kitchen, which is one reason why the company has racked up so many awards. The company has earned awards for its innovation of microwaveable hotplates as well as its first invention, the Deos steel soap. Today, you can browse some of the most popular Mastrad products. We know that healthy, convenient cooking is important to modern cooks, which is why we've selected Mastrad products like the home chipmaker. Next to healthy cooking, safe cooking is also a valued asset, so we know you'll appreciate the practical applications of the Mastrad silicone splatter screens. Whether you want to decorate cookies or cakes, pan fry meats and veggies without ruining your favorite shirt or sweater or you want to cook up a batch of homemade chips to test your newest bean dip recipe, Mastrad products have your needs covered.

Popular Styles:

As healthy snacks become a priority for more families, Mastrad's chip-making tools are gaining in popularity. A set includes everything you need to slice thing potatoes or vegetables and cook fat-free chips in the microwave in a matter of minutes. Bring flavor and color to the snack bowl by experimenting with various fruit- and vegetable-based chips.

Brand Features:

  • Innovative, award-winning designs
  • Options for healthy, safe home cooking
  • Many items are dishwasher safe
  • Fun easy-to-use products

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