Matfer Bourgeat has been offering quality cooking supplies and tools continuously for over 200 years. The company started offering products in the United States with the creation of Matfer Bourgeat USA approximately 25 years ago, and many of these products have quickly become staples in kitchens throughout the world. Matfer offers a wide selection of cookware that includes ceramic, copper and stainless steel pots and pans. The cookware is easy to clean and especially effective when paired with modern stoves and cooktop choices. Mixing tools and strainers from Matfer let you quickly whisk, fold and combine ingredients with exceptional precision, delivering rich batters and light, fluffy dough perfect for many baked goods. Appliances available from the company include stick blenders and modern juicers, making mixing drinks in a home bar quick and easy. The wide selection of Matfer crepe preparation tools and cooking sets let you easily prepare the light and delicate dish in the comfort of your own home. Matfer bakeware includes everything you need for breads with a soft center and thick outer crust. Bread knives and baskets from the popular company make it easier than ever to create a beautiful outlay of baked goods for guests or family members at mealtime. Chocolate dipping machines and confectionery accessories give you the tools you need to prepare eye-catching desserts that combine traditional methods with modern convenience for simple set up and delicious results.
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