Mauviel has been making high quality, professional-grade cookware for over 180 years. Using copper, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum construction, Mauviel crafts pots and pans that are favored by both professional and amateur gourmets from around the world. The large selection of Mauviel products makes it easy for you to find the pot, pan or collection that meets your cooking needs. We know that not every recipe can be satisfied with a simple frying pan or stockpot, which is why we also carry a number of specialty products from Mauviel. Double boilers meet melting and steaming needs, a portable heater with alcohol burner keeps food warm on the buffet table and unique pans — such as the Mauviel crepe pan — let you create meals that will wow family and friends. Mauviel cookware is made with a unique mixture of copper, stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron. The results of that mix are thick surfaces that provide even, safe cooking, easy to clean interiors and durable handles that make it easy to move the pots around while cooking or hang them from a rack for storage.

Popular Styles:
Saucepans in a variety of sizes are a popular offering from Mauviel because they work with such a variety of recipes. Heat soups, cook homemade sauces or reheat the delicious pasta from last night. Other popular products include frying pans and stew pans.

Brand Features:

  • High-quality cooper cookware
  • Cast-iron handles and stainless steel interiors
  • Over 180 years of experience
  • Used by professional chefs
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