New Jersey-based Maverick Industries delivers a variety of food preparation tools including kitchen timers and food thermometers. We know that the difference between a perfectly cooked piece of meat and something that's tough and difficult to chew can be a few degrees or minutes, which is why we provide you with a selection of measuring devices from Maverick. Use a precision laser thermometer to check the surface of your grill to make sure it's time to place chicken or hamburger patties over the flame, or make sure meat is cooked all the way through with the help of a roast thermometer. Use one of Maverick's easy-to-read electronic food probes to find out if your poultry, pork or beef is rare or well done. The two-prong design of the probes gives new meaning to the phrase "Stick a fork in it, it's done." It's not all about the measurements. Make sure you can see what you're doing with grill lights from Maverick, or cook up quick backyard meals with a fun hot dog steamer. While you're cooking meat to the perfect temperature, heat veggies or other items on the grill using a mesh frying or roasting pan.

Popular Styles:

Maverick's digital thermometers and timers are popular because they offer easy-to-read feedback for the cook. Maverick doesn't just measure meat temperature, though. You can select from several candy thermometers to assist with the creation of perfectly textured fudge or mouth-watering hard candies.

Brand Features:

  • Limited warranty available on all products
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius modes on thermometers
  • Heat resistant plastic
  • Versatile temperature range

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