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Making your family's time-tested and beloved recipes is a whole lot easier with measuring tools that are made for everything from dry to liquid ingredients. Start your kitchen collection with sturdy and dependable stainless steel measuring spoons and cups that will last for years and deliver perfect results time after time. Clear measuring cups are made for the exacting chef, and kitchen scales create perfect portions that are great for weight watchers. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the beginning cook, check out cute decorative measuring cups and spoons that are fun to look at and even easier to use. It's easy to build a dependable collection of quality measuring tools with individual items such as basic measuring spoons or complete sets that include odd-sized spoons that measure from a little pinch to 2 teaspoons.

Popular Brands:

OXO is a top name in kitchen scales and is prized by both commercial and home chefs for precisely weighing both meats and vegetables for exact results. For liquid measurements and a solid grip, OXO also offers a line of funnel-shaped beakers that are designed for use with liquid extracts and other small measurements. Look to All-Clad for durable measuring tools, including stainless steel spoons, cups and beakers for larger measuring jobs. Narrowly shaped measuring spoons in a wide variety of sizes from All-Clad's Emeril line make mixing protein drinks and flavored waters simple to do — right in the water bottle. Easily store your measuring cups when not in use by purchasing RSVP International's signature nesting measuring cups and spoons.
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