Metrokane wine tools help you enjoy wine from the time you first purchase the product until you take the last sip. These high-quality products are designed with the true connoisseur in mind, and they simplify many of the processes needed to ensure excellent flavor and delivery. Electric corkscrews from Metrokane embody the simplicity of the time-honored practice, and their top-end manual models take much of the guesswork out of removing the cork quickly and effectively without any lost material. The Waiter's Best Friend model is a pocket-sized version of their quality screws. Chilling carafes with specialized pour spouts can keep wine fresh and flavorful throughout service. Aerating pourers and attachments help breathe life into delicious liquids that haven't been exposed to outside air for quite some time. Funnels and strainers are a great choice for heavier blends and red wine that's traditionally made with grape skin portions intact. Decanters that have wine-shower attachments add a further touch of flair and elegance to your service. Vacuum pumps and electric preservers extract air from the bottle before sealing it for future use, allowing the wine to retain its flavor through multiple meals. This is a great choice for those who prefer to keep a few high-end bottles on hand to enjoy slowly over time. Pump stoppers let you manually remove air while sealing the bottle for future use.

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