Recreate your mother's secret family recipe or delve into new cooking techniques using MIU kitchen tools and accessories. MIU gadgets, including mandolines, graters and food choppers, are designed to cut down on preparation time, so you can get dinner on the table faster than ever—even when you're cooking multiple dishes at once. Enhance your basic kitchen tool collection with stirring spoons and turners from MIU to ensure you can always prepare the basics. If you're trying to get a specific culinary result, having the right specialty tools makes a huge difference. MIU specialty gadgets range from dual-head peelers to cooking thermometers designed to alert you when your meat, candy or milk froth hits the temperature you need. When baking is on your to-do list, rely on MIU flour sifters, measuring cups, whisks and silicone baking liners to help you create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie or towering triple-layer cake. With MIU barware and beverage accessories, you can shake up a craft cocktail or pour a perfectly balanced cup of tea to accompany your well-planned meal. From commercial-quality cookware sets to ecologically responsible bamboo cutting boards, MIU products deliver the right level of reliable functionality for professional and home cooks. Popular Styles: Along with MIU bakeware and kitchen tools, we love MIU knives and carving sets because of how easy they make slicing cooked meats, artisan breads and raw vegetables. Invest in a MIU sharpening steel to keep your knives ready for any cutting or chopping job.

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