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Miyabi knives are crafted using a combination of traditional Japanese knife-making skills and advanced technology, resulting in ultrasharp tools that you can use for all your daily meal preparation needs. Crafted in Seki, Japan, these knives are a favorite among celebrity chefs and elite kitchens throughout the world. Choose a chef's knife for a multipurpose cutting tool that helps you make clean, even slices, whether you need to mince or chop vegetables, or break down a chicken or side of beef. Miyabi also produces a full line of specialty knives, including paring, boning and bread knives, so you can always choose the right tool for any prep job in your kitchen. Use the Miyabi santoku selections for making precise cuts for sushi preparation. Add a steak knife set to your dining room table for a finishing touch that's sure to impress your dinner party guests. Miyabi knives are known for their precise design and razor-sharp edges. Weight adjustments in the handles of these knives allow for better control even when using longer blades. Choose from several attractive handle styles that add beauty to your kitchen while delivering exceptional results. We love the superior craftsmanship and excellent cutting ability, which is why we think Miyabi knives are the perfect addition to any professional or home kitchen.

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