Molecule-R stands at the forefront of modern cooking methods with at-home kits that let you bring groundbreaking techniques from experimental food preparation areas across the world into your own kitchen. Discover how to make your home cocktails truly come to life with molecular additives that infuse your drinks with exquisite aromatics that excite the senses and help bring out the maximum flavor sensation. Break out the molecular gastronomy kits from Molecule-R to shift the textures, flavors and presentation of your favorite dishes, reimagining them as desserts, snacks or even combining them in foams and gelatins. Create your own whipped topping with flavors like seasonal fruits and vegetables from your garden or chocolates and candies from your favorite local chocolatier. Molecule-R gives you the tools to mix and match flavors and textures with the precision of a scientist. The simple kits are easy to use, and each kit provides everything you need to know to not only apply the premeasured ingredients but also explain the molecular gastronomy processes to your guests, family or students. Kits from Molecule-R are a great choice for tasty treats that get everyone involved in interesting and innovative food prep. More advanced kits let you put your own spin on the ingredients, delivering xanthan gum, agar agar and even a specialized cold-soluble gelatin that can totally transform your culinary creations.

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