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Named after American baker Georgette Anderson, Mrs. Anderson's bakeware collection includes precision instruments that reduce the chance of burned or under-baked pies and goodies. Start with Mrs. Anderson's traditional apple peeling machine and save hours with a paring knife when preparing bulk fruit for pies, sauces or tarts. Quality ingredients are essential to delicious baking, but without the right prep, the best ingredients fall flat or rise too far. Mrs. Anderson's baking tools, including old-fashioned crank sifters and pie weights, help you process ingredients and keep them in place during baking. Mrs. Anderson's tools cover baking processes from beginning to end. Start with recyclable, food-safe parchment paper to protect pans, and remove cookies and other items easily once the oven timer sounds and your treats have cooled. Mrs. Anderson's products are inspired by old-fashioned American baking values, so we're not surprised the line includes tools for perfect pie making. We're sure you'll love the warm, gooey results baked up using Mrs. Anderson's tools. Popular Styles: We know the secret to a good pie is in a perfect flaky crust, which is why we think you'll appreciate Mrs. Anderson's cooking tools for pies. From pie shields to pie weights, Mrs. Anderson's has some of the most useful pie-making tools available. Brand Features:
  • Durable and reusable tools that make baking fun and easy
  • FDA-approved baking papers and accessories
  • Attractive, traditional tools designed for timeless recipes
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